What does a Certified HR Manager do? Human resources and their role in organizations

Human resources and Certified HR managers play an important role in any organization. Let’s take a look at all their activities and what exactly they do in companies and how HR managers help both organizations and staff at the same time.

Human resources are of great importance to the company

If an organization wants to develop and achieve its goals, for this action it will need qualified personnel who are willing to work for the company.
We all know that without employees even the best big-name company cannot achieve anything if there is no one to do what it does and deliver the service or products to the customers.

For this purpose, the organization needs a Human Resources department whose focus is directly on the staff, and the creation of a calm and satisfying work environment that is compatible with the company’s policy and the vision of the Management Team.

What do human resources do?

Each organization shapes the duties and responsibilities of the Human Resources departments in a different way, but mainly their work is “staff care”. Or more specifically, HR departments are involved in:

  • Recruitment;
  • Staff training;
  • Team building;
  • Maintaining employee engagement through various methods
  • Staff remuneration;
  • Staff “Psychologist” and the relationship between employees and the management team;

To improve and optimize the work processes of employees;
To listen to the ideas, opinions, and suggestions of the employees related to the work process, which they can then present to the management team to improve the work environment;
Monitor and evaluate staff and note their achievements;
To maintain staff motivation
To help the staff through appropriate training or nudging them to a proper and desirable position
To show employees that they are an important part of the organization

The types of employees dealing with Human Resources

Managers or Directors of Human Resources
Human Resources Experts
Human Resources Specialists
Human Resources Assistants

What is the function of the Certified HR Manager?

The Certified HR Manager heads the Human Resources department or departments;
Review and analyze the information they collect;
Creates plans related to the work process of the employees, which are then presented to the Management Team;
The Certified Human Resources Manager is the link between the Management Team and the staff; Reference: BVOP.org
His task is to balance and shape the opinions and wishes of the staff and those of the Management Team, to achieve good and satisfying results for both parties;

Objectives of the Certified Human Resources Manager

Imagine that the organization is one powerful chain in which everyone is interconnected with each other.
If a manufacturing employee has not produced a product, what will the sales consultant sell?
All employees in an organization are important to it and its proper functioning.

The creation of teams and their importance

Team building in the work environment is of utmost importance for the proper functioning of the departments in the organization.
Imagine that you work in a department where you do not like your colleagues, there is no communication between you, and the work is not going well.
In such an environment, would you be willing to go to work, even though you need it?
No, of course, as well as all people in such a situation.

HR managers try to prevent this through psychological analysis of employees in the department, conflict management, encouraging proper communication in the work process, team building, and, if necessary, job rotation.
Sometimes a person thinks that his job is the “hardest” just because he hasn’t done anything differently before. When there is an opportunity to “change roles”, when work allows it, people can more easily realize what an action costs and that even if it looks easy from the outside, it is not so.

These are just a few of the tricks that HR Managers use to create a high-functioning team.
When in an organization there is a built-up team among employees, it contributes to them feeling part of something bigger, the social environment changes and improves and becomes an internal community, and as we know from E. Maslow’s pyramid of needs, a person needs to belong to something.

The certified HR Manager motivates the staff

Feeling part of a community is just one-way employees are more motivated to work.
Motivation is one of the great tools of Human Resources Managers, through which they strive to achieve a better working environment for employees and the Company.

Employee motivation is of great importance to the Company’s productivity.
If an employee works for more than 10 years in a Company and already knows how every day of his work process goes by heart, tries hard, works hard, and still, nothing changes, do you think that after 10 years he will still have the desire to the strict performance of their tasks?
Would you?
I think everyone’s answer would be “No”.

That is why Human Resources Managers commit to paying attention to the work of employees, their opinion, and their motivation.
When a person has shown his responsibility to the work process, rigor, and desire to achieve more, the HR Manager should take action to show that he is a valuable person for the Company and his efforts are appreciated, be it through a bonus, remuneration, promotion, and other.

When people see that their efforts are appreciated, it motivates them to keep trying and achieve even better results, which is good for both them and the Company.

Of course, this is only one of the tricks of the Human Resources Managers to motivate the staff.
For example, sometimes a person may not feel in the right position, but the Company may be able to offer him a more suitable one.
The Human Resources manager must analyze his qualities and capabilities and offer him a position that would satisfy him more and, accordingly, motivate him more, because he will like what he does more.

Objectives of the Human Resources Manager

The correct distribution and performance of tasks by the staff, their motivation for work and productivity leads to the achievement of the more global goals that the Management Team of the Company strives to achieve.
When achieving the goals set by the Management Team, also affects the staff through various benefits, rewards, promotions, and others.

That is why the Human Resources Manager strives to preserve mutual relations, and create a team between employees and their proper functioning.

The ultimate goal of any Human Resources Manager is to prevent staff turnover, show employees that their work is valued and their opinion matters for achieving results, and at the same time achieve the goals that the Company has set for itself.

About the Author, Samantha Smith, Certified HR Manager

Samantha Smith is a Certified HR Manager. She is certified by BVOP.org. Here’s what she says about herself.

I believe that many managers forget that sometimes their global views of the company may be good, but they make the work process difficult and/or not easy for the staff. It was during this period that I decided that I wanted to do Human Resources because I decided that I wanted to be a feedback link between managers and staff about current problems or to mark the results achieved by an employee, because nowadays, unfortunately, a lot of companies they have a constant turnover of staff in all positions, including management, and I believe that even if the owners and management team in the company are willing to pay more attention to their staff, there is not always time left from all the tasks they have to perform.

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The certified HR manager thinks about the staff

I am motivated by the fact that with the right treatment of staff – when there is someone to share what they think are the problems in the work process, ideas for its optimization, and to pay attention to it, people are motivated to continue working in the same workplace. When there is a person who has observations of the staff and can appreciate when certain employees are doing their job well, achieving good results, and being responsible, accordingly, that person also has the opportunity to try to show the employees that when a person works hard and this is noticed, it is appreciated – through material or immaterial goods. When an employee sees that their efforts are appreciated, it motivates them and makes their work feel more personal.

Another reason that makes me want to study and work with people is that it is quite common to see in large companies how some employees are not suitable for the position they are in, but have the qualities and do well in another position in the company that would suit them much more, and in the performance of work that is more dedicated to you, people feel more satisfied with the personal results they achieve and are not so self-critical. Having a person to monitor and evaluate the qualities of employees and encourage them to change jobs would also be a plus for the employees and the company as a way to improve productivity.

The certified HR manager creates teams

Another reason that makes me ambitious to do Human Resources is team building. I have worked in a team and I think that with proper structuring and distribution of tasks in the team, after evaluating the qualities of each participant in it and when a team starts to function properly, the people in it start to feel like part of a community, some even call it a “company family”.

When a person feels good in the company he works for and works in a team, his opinion is noted and his actions are appreciated, this also affects his mental health and satisfaction and also affects positively the company, because the more employees are satisfied with work themselves, their work process and their colleagues, it motivates them to strive more towards fulfilling the set ultimate goals of the company and thus can prevent constant turnover.

By Samantha Rhine

Samantha Rhine, Editor-in-Chief of BusinessPad.org

One thought on “What does a Certified HR Manager do? Human resources and their role in organizations”
  1. Human resources mainly deal with the staff selection process in a company. HR is the people who care for a person’s profile to coincide with the working atmosphere of the company. They are responsible for employees to feel comfortable in their workplace.
    People in the Human Resources Department are also engaged in the organization of teambuilding and other out-of-work activities. They follow events in which the company can participate and be interesting to the staff.
    Working in the Human Resources Department for me will be extremely enjoyable. In my ideas, I am the person to whom the staff will turn for everything, they will share their ideas on how they see the development of the company and what will be interesting for them to do out of work, so I will be able to organize different events that the team will have fun And it unites.
    My main job at the company will be to make a selection of people who will best answer the position they are applying for.
    Common problems in a company:
    1. Lack of feedback (how one person feels in their workplace)
    2. Shortage of motivation among staff
    3. Deficiency of teamwork
    1. And me if an anonymous poll is made every month, ‘What do they think is not in order at their workplace?’ Or ‘What are they missing?’ The problems can be solved within a few months.
    2. To stimulate your team to work first you need to deal with the problems that make them not come with a desire to work.
    3. For no team, it means HR somewhere in his work. With several organized events, I think things can change in a positive direction.
    HR’s work is not easy, but it is most important. With admission to a company, one has to learn the company’s problems in a short time and find an easy and quick solution. As well as when making a selection for a position, to quickly navigate which person will most fit the team.
    In the three common problems I have indicated the conclusion I was able to make was that if the communication of people is lame, there is no way the other two points would not be present. That’s why I plan to do a poll in which people pour anonymously about how they feel.

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